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East Hendred Audio-Visuals

by Ron Foster, David Hunter and others

For a number of years a parishioner of East Hended Ron Foster has been producing truly captivating slideshows accompanied with music and narration. Being a keen traveller, a proud parishioner and an enquiring mind, Ron created a series of beautiful and enlightening audio-visuals about the village, the parish, the past and present history of East Hendred.

We are happy to be able to share them with you now. Every slideshow is a standalone application and does not need any special software to run. Just download and double-click on the file - as if by magic, Ron will come to tell you a story...

The village of East Hendred, King's Manor and Jesus of Bethlehem Chapel

East Hendred's Church Clock

Hendred House

St Augustine's Church

Nativity Play 2003

David Hunter produced a 6-minute slideshow with some historic images of East Hendred and its people:

We also have, amongst others, some video clips of the village events here.



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