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How You Can Help Us?
We rely on donations and voluntary help of the individuals motivated by the idea of preserving our cultural heritage for future generations.

These days when people have no time and everything is measured by the money, it is important more than ever to remember and respect the past - without remembering our roots, what chance do we have to grow on fruitfully?

East Hendred Heritage Trust has been fulfilling this important social and cultural task of preserving the past and promoting the historical values since the early 1970s only thanks to a group of dedicated and self-motivated individuals caring about their community. We always need more people like that - young and old, living in East Hendred or neighbouring villages. Come to us, join us, lend us your hand - the community needs it.

Any donations - however large or small, any contributions - of your time, knowledge, skill and energy - will be most appreciated.

As a registered Charity any donation you provide qualifies for GIFT AID if you already pay UK Income tax. All you need to do is provide your name and address and signify you are a UK tax payer. The Trust, through our Treasurer can then claim an 20% bonus on your gift.

Thank You for being with us!



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